About Captain Oil Change

Captain Oil Change is a website that I launched to teach people how to perform common maintenance on their vehicles or small engines.  A lack of maintenance usually results in premature failure.  In many cases a little knowledge could have saved hundreds of dollars in repairs.  I hope I can provide some of that knowledge here to help you keep your machines running for a long time to come.

I have been working on cars and small engines since I was about 10.  I tinkered with 2-stroke snowmobiles as a kid and helped my dad rebuild a Jeep CJ-7 when I was 11.  By 14 I had my own dirt bike and learned to perform maintenance and simple repairs on it.  I bought my first truck when I was 15 and started working on it before I even had my license.

Over the years I’ve had my hands in a number of rebuild or partial rebuild projects.  I’ve completely rebuilt the engine of a 1988 Honda Fourtrax 250r four wheeler as well as my DRZ400 which I still own and ride.  I do alot of work on Jeeps, I love jeeps.  Much to my wife’s dismay I own 4 of them currently.  I’ve done all sorts of repairs, modifications, and upgrades to my Jeeps over the years.  Things like top end engine rebuilds, total transfer case rebuilds, body work, brake work, electrical work, I’ve had my hands in almost every part of a Jeep.  While I don’t believe this makes me an expert, I’ve learned a number of things over the years.  I hope to pass along some of that knowledge as well as anything new I can learn so that others can learn to maintain their vehicles and small engines.

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